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Grandmasters of Rosary

Let’s watch our rosary master Galip Başsaka and our grandmaster hezarfen Neyzen Niyazi, who passed [...]

How to Make Captive Rings Imame ?

Please watch Rorsary Master Imdat Kalayci Please click for information about elements of the tasbih [...]

Tulip Model in Prayer Beads

Tulips were very popular flowers in Ottoman Empire Tulip-mania started in Europe during 16th century [...]

Blue Amber

Blue Amber Amber is fossilized resin , that had been extracted form the tropical and [...]

Kazaziye Art

Although there is not much information available concerning the history of kazaziye history, it is [...]

Functions of Prayer Beads ?

The functions of rosary are as follows:   1-) It is an instrument for worship. [...]

What is Prayer Beads (Tesbih)?

What is Prayer Beads (Tesbih)? Prayer beads are an instrument for worship. Tesbih is consisting [...]


360 derece fotoğrafı görmek için lütfen tıklayın   A TASBIH CONSIST OF ? Construction of [...]