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Grandmasters of Rosary

Let’s watch our rosary master Galip Başsaka and our grandmaster hezarfen Neyzen Niyazi, who passed away in 1978… [videojs mp4=”ımız.mp4″ width=”600″ height=”400″] Please click to watch the rosary making step by step.  

Tulip Model in Prayer Beads

Tulips were very popular flowers in Ottoman Empire Tulip-mania started in Europe during 16th century when Ottoman Emperor Suleyman The Magnificent sent some tulip seeds to Europe. Tulip had given its name to an era by the Ottoman History. The era between 1718 and 1730 is remembered as “ Lale Devri” (in English Tulip Era). […]

Blue Amber

Blue Amber Amber is fossilized resin , that had been extracted form the tropical and semi tropical forests which were covered by high trees that had covered a large area and lived millions of years ago. The typical colors of Amber are cognac color , honey color , yellow , red , brown , black […]

Kazaziye Art

Although there is not much information available concerning the history of kazaziye history, it is peculiar to Trabzon.   After Trabzon’ being conquered by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1461, managing of the silver mines which are in Gümüşhane, carrying the raw silver to Trabzon Harbour by animals and carrying it from there to İstanbul and […]

Functions of Prayer Beads ?

The functions of rosary are as follows:   1-) It is an instrument for worship. It is for glorifying Allah. 2-) It is an instrument for collection. 3-) It is an accessory 4-) It is an indicator, a message. 5-) It is an instrument used for letting off the steam. 6-) Instrument for meditation. 7-) […]


360 derece fotoğrafı görmek için lütfen tıklayın   A TASBIH CONSIST OF ? Construction of a Tasbih   Beads : One of the main elements of the tasbih is beads. Making beads requires mastery,talent. The beads are usually round or in the shape of olive , diamond. The beads are drilled dots made of different […]

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