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A TASBIH CONSIST OF ? Construction of a Tasbih


Beads : One of the main elements of the tasbih is beads. Making beads requires mastery,talent. The beads are usually round or in the shape of olive , diamond. The beads are drilled dots made of different kind of materials. You can see beads in different forms , faceted , engraved , fantasy shapes. Usually beads measure between 4-11 mm. Big sized beads (more than 11-12mm) are usually made for collection. The tasbih with very small beads , we call them as “Zenne”. It means women’s rosary. Between 8-10 mm beads are our most popular.  Lighter in weight than the 11-12, the 8mm rosary is small enough for carrying in a pocket, easily manipulated in the hand, and is a more traditional size.  Fingers just roll easily over these beads while the mind and heart are in the meditation of the mysteries of the most holy rosary

Stoppers (duraks) and Disks: In the 99-bead Islamic version, the tasbih consists of duraks ( stoppers) two different shaped beads put at each 1/3 of the chain, marking each 33 beads: these are called “durak” (stoppers) and not counted in the number of beads. In the 33 beads tasbih , a disc the pul (discs) , a tiny bead marking the fifth position. Usually marking 5th position , sometimes you could see that it marks 7th and 11th.  They usually put disc after 5th bead as a signification of Ehl-i Beyt (family of Prophet Mohammed S.A.V) and five Pillars of Islam.

Imame : The long piece marking the beginning of the string is called “imame” (pronounced ee-mameh). It is the most important element of the tasbih.  To making the elegant imame;  lenght of imame should be between 4 and 6 beads lenght according to Turkish masters . It is Golden Ratio for Turkish masters.

Knot Stop : The piece right after imame. It prevents imame from moving upwards.

Small Beads ( Middle Beads) : Small beads between knot stop and tepelik

Tepelik / Taplika : The tepelik at the extremity of the imame. All these pieces must also match with each other.

Nail of Tepelik : A male thread fits with a small socket is gouged in the tepelik to conceal the knot of the string


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